Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

Series 50PM

Plastic, Flowmeters

Series 50PM FlowmeterThe Series 50PM flowmeters are designed as a practical approach to low flow rate indication of noncorrosive gases or liquids at lowest possible cost. These flowmeters offer an economical means of measuring gas or liquid flow at low pressures where ±10% accuracy is acceptable.

The metering tube for each flowmeter is molded directly into a clear, high impact - polycarbonate plastic body. A direct reading scale for air in both standard liters per minute(slpm) and standard cubic feet per hour (scfh) at 70°F and 14.7 psia is provided on the meter body. A unique valve design allows bubble-tight shutoff. An integral bezel and threaded mounting screw permits either flush or front panel mounting.

Warning: This flowmeter is constructed of polycarbonate plastic. Make certain the gas you are using is compatible with the materials of construction. Injury to personnel or damage to equipment may result. See "Technical Information, "page 178, for gas compatibility.

Standard Features
  • Single Piece Body and Tube Construction form the ribbed tube, bezel and integral float stops.
  • Ribbed Tubes stabilize float and improve accuracy and readability.
  • Large Numbers and Graduations enhance readability.
  • Dual Scale allows flow rate to be read in standard liters per minute (slpm) and standard cubic feet per hour (scfh).
  • Unique Valve Design allows bubble-tight shutoff.
  • Integral Bezel and Threaded Mounting Screw permits either flush or front panel mounting.
  • Metal Connection Inserts prevent damage from over tightening fittings.

Maximum Operating Pressure and
  Temperature: 100 psig at 130°F

Minimum Operating Temperature: 32°F

Accuracy: ± 10% of full scale from 10%
   to 100% of range

Repeatability: Within 1% of full scale

Tube Graduations:  Standard liters per minute (slpm)
   and standard cubic feet per hour (scfh) of Air 

Scale Length: 37 mm

Inlet and Outlet Connections:
  1/8" NPT female

Approximate Weight: 0.25 lb

Materials of Construction
Body and Tube: Polycarbonate Plastic
Connection Fittings and Valve:
   Type 316 Stainless Steel
Seals: Viton®

Table I
Part No. Float Material Air Flow Rate Range at 70°F and 14.7 psia Actual Graduations
scfh slpm
FM4491 Glass 0.3-3.0 0.15-1.5
FM4492 316 Stn. Stl. 0.5-5.5 0.25-2.5
FM4493 Glass 1.0-10.0 0.50-5.0
FM4494 316 Stn. Stl. 2.0-20.0 1.00-10.0
FM4495 Glass 5.0-50.0 2.50-25.0
FM4496 316 Stn. Stl. 10.0-100.0 5.00-50.0
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