Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment

FM4460N Series

High Pressure, Metal Tube, Flowmeters

FM4460N Series FlowmeterThe FM4460N Series flowmeter is a variable area, metal tube, flow rate indicating meter designed for applications where glass tube meters are not practical because of high pressure, high temperature or hazardous fluids. Suitable for plant and laboratory use, these flowmeters have an accuracy of ±5% of full scale at calibrated conditions.

The flowmeter body, tube, integral magnetic float and metering valve are constructed of Type 316L Stainless Steel. The float stop springs are constructed of Inconel® and seals of Viton®. The indicator housing is epoxy painted aluminum and contains the easy-to-see direct reading scale and follower. Because the follower is magnetically balanced with respect to the magnetic float, the follower has a unique position for a given float height. FM4460N Series Flowmeters are supplied with a direct reading scale calibrated with air in standard liters per minute (slpm) at 70°F and 14.7 psia.

Standard Features
  • 316L Stainless Steel Metal Flow Tubes allow operation up to 1500 psig.
  • Type 316L Stainless Steel and Viton® construction provides excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Unique Valve Design allows bubble-tight shutoff.
  • Threaded Holes on Rear of Flowmeter permit front panel mounting.
  • NEMA 4X aluminum housing provides protection against corrosion, dust and water.
Optional Features
  • Inlet Filter traps foreign matter, extends flowmeter life and reduces maintenance.

Maximum Operating Pressure and
  Temperature: 1500 psig at 400°F

Accuracy: ± 5% of full scale from 10%
   to 100% of range

Repeatability: Within 1% of full scale

Tube Graduations:  Standard liters per
   minute (slpm) of Air

Housing: NEMA 4X

Scale Length: 55 mm

Inlet and Outlet Connections:
  1/4" NPT female

Dimensions (approx.): 6" x 4 3/4" x 2"

Approximate Weight: 2 lbs

Materials of Construction
Tubes, Fittings, Clean-Out Plug
   and Float Stop: Type 316L Stainless Steel
Housing: Epoxy Painted Aluminum
Float: Type 316L Stainless Steel
Float Stop Spring: Inconel® 625
Seals: Viton®
Valve: Type 316L Stainless Steel

Optional Equipment

Equipment Part No.
Inlet Filter, Type 316 Stainless Steel, 2 micron SG6113
Table I
Part No. Air Flow Rate Range at 70°F and 14.7 psia
Actual Graduations
FM4460N 0.1-1.0 0.2-2.2
FM4461N 0.2-2.3 0.5-5.0
FM4462N 0.6-6.0 1.3-13
FM4463N 1.1-11 2.4-24
FM4464N 2.6-26 5.5-55
FM4465N 5.6-56 12-120
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